May 2013 Graduates: Correction to Graduation and Bar Certification Information

To:         May 2013 Graduates
From:    Michelle Kirkland, Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Registration
Date:     June 4, 2013
RE:        CORRECTION: Information Regarding Graduation and Bar Certification

Congratulations on completing your final semester! We understand that this can be an anxious season for you. Therefore, we are providing some basic information regarding grade due dates, graduation and bar certification. We want to assure you that this office—as well as the faculty—are keenly aware of these important deadlines. As such, we remain in close contact with the bar examiners. We hope that the following information relating to some frequently asked questions is helpful. Good luck with your bar exam studies!


Spring 2013 grades are due by Friday, June 7, 2013. Faculty have already begun to turn in some grades.

Grades are generally posted to your record within one business day, once approved by the Office of Records & Registration.

Notice of Graduation and/or Bar Certification:

Graduating students’ records are reviewed frequently and once all your grades have been posted you will be graduated by the appropriate office.

Please note, once your graduation has been processed in Albert, by late September/early October your bar certification will be sent to your designated jurisdiction. You will receive a congratulatory email from the appropriate office (J.D. – Office of Academic Services, LL.M. & Tax LL.M. – Office of Graduate Affairs and Office of Graduate Tax) and the tracking number for the package that contains your certification. This will allow you to check if your certification was received successfully by your designated jurisdiction.


Please note that the Office of the University Registrar mails diplomas to graduating students by late September/early October. Diplomas are sent to students at their permanent address listed in Albert. Please see the following link for more information:

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