2Ls, 3Ls and LL.M.s: Spring 2014 Add/Drop Reopens Friday, November 1 at 1:30 pm

We want to remind you that ABRA will re-open on Friday, November 1 at 1:30 pm for spring 2014 add/drop registration. This is an opportunity for you to make changes to your spring 2014 schedule. During the add/drop period, you may add and drop classes and/or place yourself on a waitlist for a closed class.

There will be four add/drop cycles which will not be daily cycles. Bids entered during these add/drop cycles will be processed at the end of each cycle. (See the online Registration Calendar for dates.)

Beginning on Wednesday, January 8 at 1:30 pm, there will be daily add/drop cycles. The final daily add/drop cycle will end on Wednesday, January 29 at 9:30 am. Each daily cycle will run daily from 1:30 pm until 9:30 am the following day. Results of the daily add/drop cycles will be published at 1:30 pm each day.

Please pay careful attention to the dates and deadlines in the 2013-2014 Academic Calendar and Registration Calendar as these dates are firm and final. A couple of dates which are coming up quickly are noted below:

November 1 at 1:30 pm – November 6 at 9:30 am:
Spring 2014 November Add/Drop #1. This add/drop cycle will last six days. All eligible students, including JD 1Ls, may make requests in ABRA during this period.

November 8 at 1:30 pm:
The results of November Add/Drop #1 are published in ABRA.

Online Course UpdatesAll changes in the curriculum will and have been posted on the web site. You must check the site regularly for updated course information such as new courses, canceled courses, corrections to the schedule, as well as to review requirements, dates, deadlines, final examination information, etc.

Exams: Students are advised to review the exam information found both in the course descriptions and on the Exams web site. Please review the exam schedule and consider your studies and work conflicts; students may not request an exam postponement for heavy course loads or work conflicts.

We hope you are having a wonderful fall semester. We look forward to an even more wonderful spring semester!  If you have any questions after reviewing this information and the links included here, please contact the Office of Academic Services (Furman Hall, Suite 400) at law.acadservices@nyu.edu or 1-212-998-6020.


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